The most advanced and effective method for water well development and rehabilitation, WellJet’s service utilizes highly pressurized water to remove obstructions from well perforations and penetrate deep into the gravel pack and near-wellbore formation to break up the harmful deposits that are the true cause of inadequate well performance.

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Maintaining high productivity and reliability is key to Asphalt Plant profitability. Hydropressure Cleaning is excited to introduce its asphalt plant hydrojetting services, with its trademarked systems that quickly, effectively, and safely remove residual asphalt from key plant equipment, including rotary drums and silos.

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HPC uses Conjet robotic water jetting equipment for hydrodemolition and surface preparation. Our robots combined with use of ultra-high pressure pumps efficiently remove concrete, clean rebar and leave a roughened surface for the adhesion of new concrete without causing microfractures or damaging the reinforcement.

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Value Proposition

WellJet provides unprecedented well performance improvement, energy savings, and extends well lifespan resulting in triple bottom-line benefits to clients. Key benefits include:

• Maximize flowrate, often better than when new.
• Minimize energy requirement, clients have experienced up to 65% savings.
• Extend asset lifespan.
• Reduce rehab cycle frequency.

WellJet minimizes O&M costs while maximizing asset value.​ Including WellJet in your wellfield maintenance program significantly increases project ROI.


HPC’s DrumJet services have been developed to address the unique requirements of Asphalt Plant Rotary Drum Mixer/Dryer and Silo cleaning. Key benefits include:

• High-pressure tooling designed to efficiently remove materials from Rotary Drums and silos.
• Minimize downtime – typically complete jetting of units within one 8-hour shift.
• No damage to equipment, extends asset lifespan.
• Eliminates safety issues associated with putting personnel into the units during maintenance.

DrumJet minimizes your plant’s downtime, maximizing asset performance and value.

Conjet robotic hydrodemolition and surface preparation provides significant benefits to your infrastructure maintenance projects. Key benefits include:​

• HPC uses ultrahigh pressure (>30,000 psi) water to remove material.
• Up to 50% better bonding on rough surfaces.
• Causes no vibrations or micro-cracks.
• 25-50 times faster than jackhammers.
• Reduced noise and dust with respect to mechanical means, removes rust from rebar.
• Uniform concrete removal.
• Reduced risk of injury for operators.


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HPC is the West Coast’s high-pressure water applications and water blasting expert working with major infrastructure, water supply, and agricultural clients. HPC utilizes the latest and most technologically advanced high-pressure water systems to optimize maintenance and rehabilitation of critical infrastructure and equipment resulting in operational efficiency, longevity, and resiliency.

HPC was established in 1996 with a team of individuals with experience dating back to 1980. We are committed to providing our customers  with the highest quality, most reliable, and most effective state-of-the-art water jetting service available.

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